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Our domain …

R&D for site-tuned IPM & pest-resilient landscapes

inSilico-IPM is a micro-SME engaged in research, development and consulting. We combine scientific expertise with experience in development of practical solutions to insect-caused problems. We cooperate at regional and local level with academic partners and practitioners on:

  • Empiric studies and stochastic simulation of the on-farm pest behaviour and ecology
  • Development of IPM tools & methods
  • Development of site-specific IPM schemes adjusted to the local farm topography
  • Enhancement of insect detection and monitoring through adjustment to the local site topography
  • Designing modifications to agro-landscape and farm topography for enhancement of pest-resilience
In addition to conducting research and providing specialised services, inSilico-IPM develops, in collaboration with partners, state-of-the-art scientific and applied research projects

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Our expertise …

  • On-farm behaviour, ecology & management of insect pests
  • Quantitative methods based on ethological analysis
  • In silico emulation of insect-driven on-farm processes
  • Application of 'virtual farm' concept for IPM schemes for adjustments to the local farm topography
  • Development of specialised software for simulation of insect behaviour
  • Development of multidisciplinary research and applied projects

Our focus …

  • Pest group:
    Afro-tropical and temperate fruit flies

  • Fruit system:
    Perennial fruit in mosaic agro-landscapes

  • Management system:
    in-silico boosted integrated OFF-Season fruit fly management
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